Genealogy- Page 2
John Shepard RONE     b.: Feb. 1, 1829  NC     d.:  May 6, 1902 Attala Co., Mississippi married 1853 in SC, Matilda Plyler b. Oct. 12, 1832 Lancaster, SC  d. Nov. 18, 1891 Attala County. Both are buried in the Old Providence Cemetery in Attala County.
Family of John Shepard and Matilda:
Loyd Rone
Mary Elizabeth Rone
Isaac Sinclair Rone
John Shepard Rone, Jr.
Molcy Jane Rone
Henry Valentine Rone
Sarah Alice Rone
Martha Amerdine Rone
Emer Hasseltine Rone
James Frederick Rone
July 20, 1854 Lancaster, SC- June 14, 1935 Attala Co., MS
June 19, 1856 Lancaster, SC- May 23, 1944
Nov. 5, 1858 Lancaster, SC- Sept. 7, 1862 Lancaster, SC
Feb. 14, 1861 Lancaster, SC- Jan. 22, 1934 Attala Co., MS
Sept. 13, 1863 Lancaster, SC- April 24, 1933 Attala Co., MS
May 12, 1868 Alabama- May 22, 1886 Attala Co., MS
Dec. 20, 1868 Alabama- April 11, 1950
Nov. 24, 1871 Attala Co., MS- Sept. 6, 1872 Attala Co., MS
Feb. 21, 1874 Attala Co., MS- Feb. 26, 1874
Mar. 14, 1874 Attala Co., MS- Aug. 15, 1970 Idabell, OK

Three of John Shepard and Matilda's children died very young: Isaac Sinclair, Martha Amerdine and Emer Hasseltine. Young Isaac is buried in SC and the 2 girls are buried in Old Providence Cemetery in Attala Co, MS.
Mary Elizabeth RONE married Whit Shumaker
John Shepard RONE, Jr. married 1st Nancy C. <Unknown> 1872-1890
John Shepard RONE, Jr. married 2nd- 1891- Haley Elizabeth Shumaker
Molcy Jane RONE married 1st George Washington Buckner
Molcy Jane RONE Buckner married 2nd Christopher Columbus Oliver
Henry Valentine RONE married Bertha Doty

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Isaac Singleton married a second time, after the death of Eliza in 1887. His 2nd wife was Mary Matilda Akin. Isaac and Mary had a son, Zachariah Sinclair Rone, born 1888 died 1924. 
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Sarah Alice RONE married George Taylor Ballard, b. 1862 MS-

James Frederick RONE married 1900 Minnie Camilla Bond, b. 1883
It is wonderful to note that the youngest child of James Frederick (Jim) and Minnie Camilla- Minnie Ellen RONE, born 1916, still lives in 2009 and comes to the Rone Reunion each year in Ethel.